We must Move in God’s truth. . .From recognition to revelation. . . From calling to conquest. . .From kingdom potential . . . To kingdom purpose! ©2011. Robert M. Wright (Th.M.D.M.)

No matter what else we’re doing, we hold steadfast to four values that are supported by love and define who we are: Transformational Bible Based Teaching, Engaging Worship, Authentic Community Service and Service-Based Outreach.

Our community outreach programs and youth initiatives are designed to help those in need.

Our mission is to spiritually uplift our community, and work toward a greater good. We work tirelessly to carry out the Biblical Mandate and simply CARE.

“Our Lord has many weak children in his family, many dull pupils in his school, many raw soldiers in his army, many lame sheep in his flock. Yet he bears with them all, and casts none away. Happy is that Christian who has learned to do likewise with his brethren.”- J. C. Ryle